Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Week 4

Alrite so maybe i didnt post the next day...but hey i posted today! Well todays my friend Rosso made another youtube account : http://www.youtube.com/user/mistaespi , also if u have time check out my other friend Tom's accout : http://www.youtube.com/user/TomCatGamer ... so some serious youtubin...oh did i tell u i had an account? Here it is : http://www.youtube.com/user/ZhangieEZ.

Kk so thats done, well we listened to art of speech today...some pretty good speeches...i forgot who were the final three. Had like a Sausage Roll because all the Pizza's ran out...thnx ross xD! First time i nearly got a Friday in Jap lol... Well this week im getting home a bit early...since my soccer training isnt on because the season has finished...free for rest of TERM...YAY!

Making a new Youtube Vid btw...its gunna be something to with "UNEXPECTED" things...thats all 4 now...


Friday, August 7, 2009

Look out Knox!

Yay its Friday! I've been waiting forward to this momment since Monday! Well its like that every week but anyway...

I finally got a taste of 5 gum...have u guys seen the ad, the one which makes it like a thriller ride? well its just mint gum simply, nothing special...$2.35 at Kirribili Deli near the Harbour Bridge! Im gunna get a packet every week while walking past it on the way to school. So we had a few substitute teachers today...another one of those so called "lessons"...

Debating Photo's and Debating Workshops were on, having a soccer game tommoz with Knox, it will be my final game as im not rostered against Barker College next week =="! Well hopefully we whoop them, so look out Knox! Im also going to my cousin Antho's place of after tutorin...

Getting some tv shows and crap from him as well...hopefully enough to feed MY boredom...that craves for entertainment...whew writing this actually pretty entertaining

Enough said...SEE-YAH!

Thursday, August 6, 2009


Tir-s-day...i mean Thursday, so its thursday of the second week and i had my science common test yesterday...dont know when i'll get my results! Ok so i had 3 up & go's whew...and 2 hashbrowns for brekkie. Im gunna start a new routine, Wake up 5:40, do excersise, take a kwik shower, grab an up and go and some bread and head to bus stop for skool. Sounds good? MEh?

Ok so when i got home, first thing...Facebook lol, checking out Farmville, Country Story, R.C (holy shit i forgot to check it...bahh!),Crazy Planets, War Machines and Mafia Wars. Yeah i play too much apps on it xD! Watched thrid episode of Naruto...blah blah blah...had piano lesson at 7. Oh and my flute is screwed up! BAH!

I started Habbo again...my room is fully sik! Wasted so much money on it lol...well i think i better go now since mum is nagging me to go to bed...


Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Downloading UPDATES!

Sorry guys, maybe u have abandoned this place since i havent posted for sooo long! Well i've finally been back for 2 weeks! Now i have to tell you bout my skiing trip OMG! Well im gunna tell yu guys bout' my day. Well its like everyday, 7 periods (i mean class periods...dont get me wrong) so much work and blah...
1st Period : Science
2nd Period : Maths
3rd Period: Tech
4th Period: Geo
5th Period: PDHPE, actually we didnt do it, we had to help out Mr Flanders to put up chairs and stuff like that...then i had to go to Jap Extension work *sigh*
6th Period: History
7th Period: Science (AGAIN) OMFG! Had the science common test for it...

Actually i might be evil and not tell u about skiing for now...hehe! Actualy just 2 lazi xD!

Alrite now i have updated hopefully by tommoz i'll be back!

Thursday, July 16, 2009


Ok...maybe a bit of an ...exageration there...yu know...
So im going skiing tommorow till Monday, i'll be back with awsum pics!
Im going with my friend Pat and his family as well!
6 hour drive! (Brings laptop and all entertainment needs in the car...including Eddie Murphy)
Wont be skiing tommorow because we probs gunna get ready for skiing on Saturday =(!
Is running around the house in a Hyperactive mood still knowing we arent "actually" skiing tommorow...
Wont be able to sleep tonight due to excitement...


Saturday, July 11, 2009


So today i went to Mikes house(My Cousin) and we like killed each other for fun:
eg: Wrestling,Choking, Kicking and Screaming

Not so much of screaming but it was fun, started off as Itouch and DS gaming and then things went crazy! Justin(little cousin) got out a toy gun and poked me in the EYE! The EYE! Seriously the EYE! Who pokes people in the EYE! THE EYE!

Ok enough with the eye, i also had swimming at Castle Hill Aquatic Centre and had lunch at Castle Towers. A Double Beef N' Bacon burger with Blue Fanta Slushie xD! Yum-eh!? Then i bought a PS2 game, Final Fantasy XII~ Pretty good game actually~

Mom bought some skiing gear and it looks awesome, im checking it out right now to tell you...

Well tommorow is Tom's party and its like at 2 so nothing to worry about the "getting out of bed" situation =)!

Thats all, Seeya!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Bens EPIC House

Today was EPIC! Ok sorry to steal that quote from you Espi xD! Well today Me, Espi, Daily, Mendez,Brimson and 2 of their brothers went to Bens House! It was so awesome! We started the 3 hours from Mr Bean to making another one of those funny youtube videos! EPIC momments lead to another, like the bit when Ben was riding on a toddler tricycle and he was holding a log and her comes and asian(me) and kicks him and he falls with sore ass! My god the 3 hours went by pretty quickly...the snacks were good, i got a bit pissed cuz Daily took all the gummy bears. Loved the spring rolls that bens mom did *THNX!*

Well before i went to Bens House, i watched Nachooooo LIBRE! The awesome movie mad me laugh heaps as i was waiting for my mom to pick me up..got my skool report 2day 2!


Not that good for my asian mom so no iTouch for me rite now =[....*sigh*

Now i might go to bed after i put my MJ songs to download, what a legend he is!

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